de référencement

The advantages of recruiting new members

In order to stimulate the growth of its community of golfers, ApexGolf wants to encourage current members to recruit new members. Here are some benefits available to members:

50$ Cashback

Each referral gives you $50 refunded to your ApexGolf account

Free ApexGolf cap

At the 3rd referral, you receive an ApexGolf cap as a bonus.

ApexGolf Polo

5th referral: you receive an ApexGolf polo shirt of your choice as a bonus

ApexGolf Gold Member

10th referral: you become an ApexGolf Gold member, or you have access to a private event at the end of the season


When you play a new Apex course for the first time in the season and post a photo of yourself at the course tagging #ApexGolf and the partner course on social media, you save 50% on your game.

du programme de référencement

Nom 202120222023Total
Andre Lapointe404
Louis David314
Dany Deschamps2103
Jean-Philippe L'Archeveque3003
Michel Graziosi303
Normand Gagnon303
Serge Fortier303
Philippe Martin2002
Martin Masse2002
Alain Plante2002
Marek Bujnowski1102
Jonathan Leblanc2002
Stephane Roy202
Mylene Turner202
Guy Duval202
Andre Vien1001
Andre Sirois1001
Lorraine Hebert1001
Andre Croteau1001
Fanny Martineau1001
Frederick Lucki-Comtois1001
Nathalie Boie1001
Francois Lapointe1001
eloi Lessard101
Daniel Belanger101
Richard Mercier101
Denis Bergeron101
Mathieu Aube101
Thomas Cuco101
Linda Touchette101
Eric Laforest101
Benoit Laforce101
Francois Lepine101
Olivier Grant101
Patrick Lussier101
Martin Genest101
Yannick Picard101
Diane Vachon101
Yves Dumoulin101
Pierre Major101
Johanne Jean101
Mathieu Surprenant101
Vincent Huard101
Jean-Michel Drouin101
Alain Camaraire101
Pierre Garant101
Sylvain Marsan101
Serge Beauregard101
Sylvain PIlon101
Eric Brisebois101
Guillaume Couture101
Michel Mombleau011
Jean-Pierre Mailloux011
Serge Fortin011
Sylvie Langlois011