Presented by Keven Charland, Pascal Garneau and Jakob Lemieux



We want to democratize golf, allowing people to consume more of it by making it easier to find tee times.


We offer a wide range of tee times to the user, with the ultimate goal being simplicity!


In order for it to be a win-win relationship, we want to create a partnership with the various golf courses in the region, where each party will benefit from this partnership. The summer is short, let us help you maximize your profits!


In order to offer more, we want to support our partner golf courses from both a financial and marketing standpoint


Our community is primarily the new generation of golfers whom we must retain for the industry's sustainability, and we want to offer them a comprehensive 360-degree service.

How it works for a Tee-Time user


Package #1

1 year
  • 12.9% of games played

Packages #2

3 years
  • Year 1 : 10.9%
  • Year 2 : 10.4%
  • Year 3 : 9.9%

Package #3

  • On demand (2 per region)

Many benefits to our partners

Increase of traffic

Our user-friendly application will be frequented by golfers from all regions and even visitors from other provinces, let us help you fill your tee time schedule.

Sell your unsold

Our marketing strength will ensure that your last-minute unsold tee times will find takers. Newsletters with available tee times on the morning itself, and marketing of your course, will make a golfer happy by turning your unsold slots into opportunities.

Let's kill no-shows together!

With the help of Chronogolf’s API, Tee-Time will be able to bill for no-shows via our cancellation policy, let’s reduce this unnecessary revenue loss together.

No integration cost

We would like to clarify that we do not charge any integration fees nor do we require tee times in exchange for our services. Our billing is based solely on the added value we bring to your golf course.

Additional visibility

We feature our partner courses in our marketing strategy, providing additional visibility for your course.

Price Integrity

At, our goal isn’t to devalue your golf course. Instead, we’re dedicated to connecting it with avid golfers who are eagerly searching for their next tee-time. Let’s bridge the gap together and enhance the golfing experience for everyone involved!

Additional revenue

Once on site, golfers can purchase equipment, refreshments, and finish their day at the restaurant-bar.

Payment/ No-show policies


Keven Charland


Pascal Garneau


Jakob Lemieux