Presented by Simon Lacroix and Kyle Hyland



We want to democratize golf, allow people to consume more of it and reap the rewards of the best sport on the planet.


We propose a golf membership in which our members will have the opportunity to play on several high-quality courses while benefiting from advantageous prices for each round of golf.


In order for it to be a win-win relationship, we want to create a partnership with the various golf courses in the region, where each party will benefit from this partnership.


In order to offer more, we want to support our partner golf courses both financially and marketing-wise.


APEX will first be a community of golfers to which we will offer many benefits, exclusive events and savings.

Growth Plan

Golf season 2024

300 Members
  • 300 members with 8-12 golf courses in NB, NS and PEI

Golf season 2025

500 Members
  • 500 members with 12-18 courses in NB, NS, PEI

Golf season 2026

1000 Members
  • 1000 members with 18-24 golf courses in NB, NS, PEI

Avantanges for Partners

Securing a fixed income at the start of the season

Since Apex buys multiple memberships each year, you are assured of this annual income.

More revenue per membership

You receive a commission for each game played by an Apex members, in addition to the amount received for the membership.

Boutique, driving range and cart rental

Many golfers don’t plan ahead with their purchase of equipment such as balls, tees, gloves, caps, shirts. Store sales will increase! Not to mention the range balls before rounds and the cart rentals!

Additional players

APEX members are often accompanied by non-member partners, which represents potential additional golfers.

Additional income

Once there, Apex members can pick up gear, refreshments and end their day at the restaurant.

Additional visibility

We put forward our partner’s course in our marketing strategy, adding visibility for your golf course.

Transactional fee savings

We transfer the amounts owed to our partners once a month, thus reducing your management and transaction costs.

Accountability of members

Our members must advise in advance to cancel a round or they will be charged even if they do not show up for their tee-off.


How it works for the Apex member

The Apex member only has 4 easy steps to complete a booking and enjoy Apex benefits. The included images are taken from our web platform.

Step 1.
Choose your course

Once logged in, the member sees the number Apex spots available on the platform at our partnered course for the chosen date.

Step 2.
Reserve your departure time

The golfer then clicks on the link leading to the website of the golf course to book his tee time. Please note, it is not because a
golfer reserves his Apex spot that guarantees him an available tee time. This procedure is clearly explained to the members.

Step 3.
Confirmation of reservation and invitation of another Apex member

The player confirms his tee time. He can now invite others
Apex members when booking.

Step 4.
Let the fun begin!

The player comes to the golf course with his membership card. The staff members confirm the member’s presence with the automatic email sent in the morning.

Contact us

We would love this chance, the chance to help your business by starting a successful partnership with you to increase profitability but also to promote the popularity of the sport.