Presented by Pascal Garneau, Keven Charland and Jakob Lemieux

Golf is complicated enough, so let's simplify booking your tee time.


Organizing our family schedule is difficult enough. When it comes to synchronizing our availabilities with those of our three golfing partners, the task becomes almost impossible. The process of calling course after course or checking each website adds a layer of complexity to what should be a moment of pleasure: booking your golf tee time.

The idea behind Tee-Time is to make this process accessible in just a few clicks, right at your fingertips.

The Community

Our community has been continuously growing for over 5 years and now boasts nearly 50,000 subscribers, enabling us to offer a solution that brings together golfers and golf courses throughout Quebec.

Finally, an all-in-one solution for your next round of golf. All that’s left is to decide what time to play!

Explanation of the Concept


Simplify tee time bookings.


Our mission is to make the process as simple and quick as possible.


From a win-win perspective, we aim to establish partnerships with various golf courses. Summer is short—let us help you maximize your profits


We aim to support our partners both financially and in marketing. By offering free membership for the first year, along with various sales and collaboration strategies, success is guaranteed for both parties.


Our community and service are both online. By connecting with over 50,000 golfers daily, we focus on selling your tee times while you concentrate on maintaining your course and handling all other tasks involved in managing a golf facility.

How does the app work?

Growth Plan

No integration fees for the first 50 golf courses.

Package #1

1 year

Package #3

3 year

Package #3

  • On request (2 per region)

Avantanges for Partners

Increase in occupancy rate

Our user-friendly app will be frequented by golfers from all regions and even visitors from other provinces. Let us help you fill your tee sheet.

Selling your available slots

Our marketing strength ensures that your last-minute unsold tee times will find buyers. From newsletters featuring available slots on the morning of, to marketing your course, your unsold times will make a golfer happy.

Reduction of no-shows

Using ChronoGolf’s API, Tee-Time will be able to charge for no-shows through their cancellation policy, reducing this unnecessary revenue loss together.

No integration fees

We would like to clarify that we do not impose any integration fees nor require tee times in exchange for our services. Our billing is based solely on the added value we bring to your golf course

More than just a tee time

Many golfers don’t plan their equipment purchases in advance, such as balls, tees, gloves, caps, and shirts. Sales in the shop will increase! Not to mention the baskets of balls before rounds and the rental of carts!

Additional visibility

We highlight our partner courses in our marketing strategy, providing additional visibility for your course.

Payment/No-Show Policy

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