About Tee-Time

Our Story

The Tee-Time story began with a shared passion for golf and a desire to make the experience more accessible to all.

Inspired by the challenges encountered when booking golf rounds, we decided to create an innovative solution. With a dedicated and determined team, we developed a user-friendly application that allows golfers to quickly and easily book their game in just four clicks.

Our commitment to product excellence and quality, and our love of the game, continue to guide our journey as we seek to redefine access to golf courses across Quebec and Canada.

Our Vision

At Tee-Time, our vision is to become the go-to app for every passionate golfer. We aspire to create a dynamic community where players can easily find, book and share their playing experiences. By simplifying the booking process, we aim to encourage more people to discover and enjoy this exceptional sport.

Our Mission

Tee-Time’s mission is to simplify and optimize the golf booking experience. We are committed to offering a user-friendly and efficient platform, enabling golf enthusiasts to book their round in just four clicks, making access to golf courses easier than ever.

The team behind Tee-Time

Our Tee-Time team is made up of golf enthusiasts and dedicated professionals. With our combined expertise, we aim to create an unforgettable user experience for all fans of the sport.

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Simon Lacroix

Founder, ambassador, and business developer

Marc Dugas

Co-Founder, sales and customer service


Pascal Garneau

Tee-Time Representative
Province of Quebec

Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau

Tee-Time Representative
Maritimes and USA

Keven Charland

Tee-Time Representative
Maritimes and USA

Jakob Lemieux

Tee-Time Representative
Ontario and USA


User-centric app designer

No-Show Policy

At Time-Time.ca, our goal is to reduce the revenue losses that golf courses suffer due to unannounced absences. This policy is designed not only to support golf courses but also to ensure that more tee times are available for golfers, who might otherwise miss opportunities due to unfulfilled bookings.

No-show fees are applied as follows:

  1. First absence: 50% of the rate
  2. Second absence: 75% of the rate
  3. Third absence: 100% of the rate and exclusion from our application

Our cancellation deadlines align with those of our partner courses. To modify or cancel a reservation, please contact the golf course directly.

A notification will be sent to you 12 hours before your scheduled tee time. In the event of a no-show, a notification email will be sent, followed by a charge made within 36 hours of the incident.

If you wish to dispute a charged absence, you can write to us at [email protected].

Help us minimize losses due to no-shows and, in return, enjoy more opportunities to play golf thanks to better availability of tee times!

How to install Tee-Time
on your phone's home screen

Install Tee-Time on your phone’s home screen by following the simple steps in this video!

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